The World Week of the Italian Cuisine is the worldwide event 
under the patronage of the Italian Embassy, organized by the Italian Trade Agency
and the Italian Institute of Culture, to promote 
Italian culinary traditions and food-and-wine connoisseurship.

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The Italian Trade Agency - Trade Promotion Section of the Italian Embassy - is the Government Agency that promotes the internationalization of the Italian Companies. 

ITA-Italian Trade Agency works to develop commercial relationships between Italy and Lebanon, to increase business opportunities and to improve industrial co-operation with particular attention to SMEs. 

ITA provides a wide range of services to both Italian and Lebanese companies and Institutions that covers information, assistance, advice and training.
ITA Beirut is responsible for the Lebanese, the Cypriot and the Syrian market.

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The Italian Embassy in Beirut works to develop the long standing and strong relationship between Italy and Lebanon. This involves dealing with a wide range of political commercial, and economic issues of common interest.

The Commercial Office of the Embassy - together with the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) – Trade Promotion Section of the Embassy – assists Italian companies in exporting goods and services to Lebanon and in finding investment opportunities.

The Embassy is also ready to cooperate with Lebanese importers of Italian goods, as well as Lebanese businessmen interested in developing economic and commercial ties with Italian counterparts.

The Italian Cultural Institute acts not only as an image of Italy and as useful source of information on the Italian system, but is also the driving force behind the cultural initiatives and cooperation.

It represents also the fundamental reference point for the Italian community abroad and 
is the centre of the growing demand 
of Italian culture around the world. 

By supporting the work carried out by the Italian Embassies and Consulates, the Cultural Institutes efficiently promote the image of Italy as centre of production, conservation and diffusion of culture from the Classical age to nowadays.